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Questions answered by my teacher BEATRICE FLEMING.
07-21-2015, 08:33 PM
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RE: Questions answered by my teacher BEATRICE FLEMING.
It has to do with the Believe and the Expectation of the Medium and the Sitters. That creates, through unconscious Kriyâśaki, a “speaking Ghost”, because that is what they expect, a speaking ghost.
- no. A cheater does not stop being a cheater, simply because he is dead. Then, on the Astral Plane, these “people” are called cheating spirits.
- Are all thoughts my own?
- no. Millions and Millions of thought forms drift though the Ether, and wether we are happy or depressed, happy or depressed thoughtforms cling to us.
- How can I call them?
- Don't. You just complicate their Ascending into DEVACHAN.
- What would you suggest to any Medium?
- Stop being a Medium, study esoteric science.
- if you continue being a Medium, more and more Ether is withdrawn from your Etherbody and you run danger to turn into a, for instance, Alcoholic,

because all Alcoholics suffer from Lack of Ether.
- Can I use Magic, without changing myself?
- Yes, but then it is mostly Black magic. Through using Words and Signs you set beings [entities] from the lower Astro- World into motion.
- how are GEMS created?
- By NATURSPIRITS, like everything else.
- What is the Physical body?
- Why then can there so many imperfect people on Earth?
- We have seven great rounds to fullfill the task...
- When you dominate the Elements?
- Yes, but everybody, who is not pure, shall be destroyed sooner or later by them.
- Is there another way to dominate them?
- Be pure, be simple, be innocent. Then the SIDDHAS shall come by themselves.
- What is BLACK MAGIC?
- Distorted White Magic.
- What destroyed Atlantis?
- the abuse of magic.
- how can I attain true supernatural power?
- Leave the lower chakras untouched.

Where was the fifth ÂYRAN rootrace founded?
- In Central asia. From there it spread to ARABIA, EGYPT, PERSIA, GREECE and EUROPE.
- What was the basic of the 5 th rootrace?
- That which later turned into HINDÛISM. Gautama buddha reformed HINDÛISM with his Ethic system.
- The White light, transcending all colours.
- Did Josephus, the jewish historian, corroborate reincarnation?
- Yes , for once he spoke the truth, by telling the story of hebrew soldiers, who wanted to surrender to the enemy. Their commander warned them to do so, unless they would be reborn again under dishonourable circumstances.
- What was the true meaning of Resurrection?
- Reincarnataion, until it was decided in the conciles of nicea and constantinople to remove it from the scriptures. Thus Resurrection means originally a being reborn in a new body.
- Which christian authors corroborate the fact of Reincarnataion?
- Tertullian, Orgines, Clemens.
- What happend After the church removed the reaching of karma and Reincarnataion?
- it was secretly taught by the templers, albigensers,* the french troubadours and others.

* religious sect, South of France 1020- 1250 A.D.
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07-21-2015, 08:34 PM
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RE: Questions answered by my teacher BEATRICE FLEMING.
How is the position of the islam?
- An islamic scholar said once: “I died away from the stone and became a Planet. I died away from the Animal and become a man. Have I now becomes Less through Dying? And i will soon als die away from the Human existence – in a state of being, which surpasses all thinking.”
- What is the moral law, presented by THE ADEPTS?
- Do good to all beings, don't hurt anybody insults me?
- Yes. The forgiving of insults is one of the ten rules of manu, the lawgiver. Buddha said: “Hate shall not be ended by ghATE, but through love.”
- Do rites and rituals work?
- Yes, they do. Combined with a word or MANTRA, DEVA ANGELS are attracted. The same with the sacramentes. Rites and Rituals are bridges between this world and another. But once you have attained the knowledge, you don't need the rituals anymore.
- Why?
- Once the “Water of Eternal life” flows through you, you don't need anymore the cistern of exoteric believe. Then all ceremonics have become unnecessary.
- Why did everybody hate BLAVATSKY?
- Because she said: ”I don't believe – i know!”

And because she was a woman.
- Did BLAVATSKY introduce her students LEABEATER and ANNIE BESANT to the Masters?
- Yes.
- Are the ADEPTS our “Older Brothers”?
- Yes. They love this term more than all the others.
- Do I have to leave house, job and family in order to become a Student of esoteric science?
- No. Stay where you are. Study esoteric science and thus change the world by changing yourself. Surround yourself with Order and Purity.
- how can I reach the hand of the Masters?
- By giving ONE hand to the LOWEST next to you, the other hand shall reach the Master.
- What is the greatest merit of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky?
- Having traced back HINDÛISM, BUDDHISM and CHRISTIANITY to their roots, or root, namely, like all other religions, to esoteric science.
- What are the three spiritual powers?
- Spiritual will, creative thought, compassion.
- Could you explain please?
- Spiritual ill is not uring to go first this way, then the Other. It is a very quite inner decision, which creates a deep, transforming chnage of the whole nature of man,

changing him, or her, from inside outside.
. That in turn creates, in spite of many outer obstacles, an inner kingdom peace and power. The second power, creative thought, must be practised, until it becomes a practical tool for daily use in order to do so one must study esoteric science. That eliminates all suffering. The third power, compassion, grows wonderfully the more we use it. Compassion liberates from the Personal Natur and her Limitations and unfolds the individuall, or ÂTMA – BUDDHI, in us. Companions shall turn us all into christs one day.
Should I trust my senses?
- No. They are Lying to you. Don't look for the inner man in your Physical body, but treat the body as the temple of the christ in you.
- Do we feed with our thoughts and emotions the MENTAL and ASTRAl ENTITIES on the MENATL DEMON, each positive thought and emotion feeds a MENTAL and ASTRAL ANGEL.
- Can you explain “the parable of the lost son “Esoterically?
- It is MANAS afte death, returing to ÂTMA- BUDDHI. But the PARABLE about the lost son, returning to his father, has also to do with the life of a disciple of esoteric science, evolving from outside- inside.

- Who are the two sons esoterically? And why are they called younger and older son?
- The younger son is the higher developed and therefore travels the farthest, the older son is the less developed and stay behind him. The reason why they are called older and younger, is, that the younger son represents the most advanced egos of mankind, namely those ego [or those of us] who were already man on the moonchain and therefore on earth incarnated physically in the fourth atlantean race. From the point of view of the earth chain they are the younger sons but of cosmic older age and therefore more advanced, while the second class of egos were still animals on the moon chain and also on the earth chain. Then they incarnated into HUMAN BODIES; thus they are older from the point of view of our earth chain, because they incarnated [physically] earlier on earth.
- But THE BOOK OF LIGHT teaches, that the animals came after man?
- those mammal animals who emanated from androgyne man
- Yes. But there were Anuimalman- like beings, or Monads, at the VERGE of the Human Kingdom, who then, on our earth chain, ented the human kingdom,

when the human monads [from the moonchain] already ruled. Thus the MOON CHAIN MAN and EARTH CHAIN MAN is the Younger Son and the MOON CHAIN and EARTH CHAIN Animal [and the Earth chan Man] is the older, because Earlier hereon earth as an animal monad and then man.
- What does the younger son and more developed son, mean, when he asked his father
to give him”His part of his inheritance,”
that part which he calls his part is the FULL MEMORY about all his incarnation,even and especially before each new incarnation, which memory with the MAJORITY always fades after HEAVEN LIFE.
- Why?
- We could not bear the truth...
-Does that mean, the Younger Son, or first class Monad, has entered “The Hall of learning?”
- Yes.
- What about the Second Class Monad or older son?
- He still lacks the PARA PERSONAL* EGÖ- CONSCIOUSNESS. There is still an empty space between his devachanic CONSCIOUSNESS and the EGO.
- What does he need?
- ANTAḤKARAṆA, created by MANAS. He is a “ SON ” but not yet ready.
- Is that why an ADEPT wrote: “I am a MASTER, but you are not yet my students. But you are my CHILDREN. Learn from THE NANNIES, untiel you are ready for me.”?
- Yes.
- Who are THE NANNIES?
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07-21-2015, 08:35 PM
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RE: Questions answered by my teacher BEATRICE FLEMING.
LOVE, HATE, FEAR, DESPAIR, LONGING, FIGHT, LUST, etc. They teach us until we reach the PARA PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS. When the Eyes are not able anymore anymore to cry...
- Then the younger son travelled to a remote country and spent all his money LAVISHLY...?
- the remote country is a new incarnation, and the "MONEY" he spends is his LIFE ESSENCE, during that incarnation. Oh Lanoo, all excessive waste of LIFE ENERGY leads to DEGERRATION and SUFFERING for many LIVES, Walk the MiDDLE – PATH. AUM.
- What abut the FAMINE in the country, AFTER he wasted all his GOODS?
- When you have gone through the desillusion of all material, emotional and MENTAL things, there is a period of SPIRITUAL THIRST. That is the FAMINE.
Nothing on EARTH can satisfy that THIRST FOR SPIRITUALITY. But TRUTH can ONLY be in SILENCE. AUM.
- Why did he have to eat what THE SWINES eat?
- SWINES and their food are all worldly things, which he still is tasting, or better THAT part of his personality, which still clings to worldly things. It is so hard to let go...
- Why does he say, that his Father has many workers but HE, the SON, must stature?
- The Worker are knowledge and he, the son, wants to taste from the Knowledge,
- Do we leave material things, when the time is rips?
- no. They leave us.

- Then he finally decides to become a WORKER on THE FIELD HIMSELF?
- Yes . He wants to be a KNOWER.
- Why does his Father see him BEFORE he, the Sun, reached him?
- His father saw him and had MERCY with him. He ran to him and kissed him. When the Student is ready, the Master is ready. The Kiss is also the first initiation.
- What are the other four initations?
- 2nd: The best garment [ordered by the father for the son]. 3Rd : The Ring given by the father to the son. 4th The shoes. 5Th: the eating of the LAMB.
- Why did the father say: "My son was dead"?
- All those, whose third inner eye has not yet opend, are dead.
- the older son became jealous and upset.
- Which clearly shows, that HE was not yet liberated.
- Then the lost son was The stronger developed ego or higher self?
- Yes. He CONSCIOUSLY decide to leave the father, while the other son will have to leave him too one day, although he might not want to.
- The father shall send him away?
- Yes. Until one day he[the son] shall decide by himself to reincarnate... Thus all human spirits leave the house of their father, until they return having attained all KNOWLEDGE through suffering.* AUM.

*almost always through suffering.
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07-21-2015, 08:35 PM
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RE: Questions answered by my teacher BEATRICE FLEMING.
The society of the future shall know no competition, no money, no profit and no political and religious leaders. A beneficant technic shall take all work from us and we shall only take be in volved in SPIRITUAL STUDY. There shall be only one BOOK*: THE BOOK OF LIGHT. Who thinks that to be just another form of demagogy or dictatorship did not unterstand THE BOOK OF LIGHT and has to read it again.
No competition, no money, no profit, no leaders: isn't that ANACHY or CHAOS? Not at all. We are all one, though individual, which is no contradiction, because our spirits come all from one source, experiencing material world individually. AUM. We just lost that knowledge, because we lost our spirituality. Now the knowledge is back, reawakened in THE BOOK OF LIGHT, and with it spiritually shall return and with spirituality I do not mean 99% of the "New AGE" Half – Knowledge and Hypocritical love talk of those "Gurus",

* which then shall inspire the reader to write his own book, poems or compositions.
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07-21-2015, 08:35 PM
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RE: Questions answered by my teacher BEATRICE FLEMING.
who only want two things: A fast buck and women. When Everybody shall be aware of the FACT, that we are ALL ONE, competition shall disappear from the face of the earth and compassion , everything else vanishes: GREED, MONEY, PROFIT and EVEN the Leaders. Who then shall lead us? Knowledge shall lead us again. KNOWLEDGE once handed down to us by a race superior to us, namely the devas, and now reawakened in THE BOOK OF LIGHT- where we come from, where we are and where we go. The society of the future will need no schools anymore, because the truth is, that you already know everything, you just forgot it. Learning is: Remembering that, which you always knew. Teachers are, or should be, only there to remind you of what was once known to all of us. Thus the children of the future shall be born with knowledge, because of a more perfect developed MANAS- or MENTAL BODY. Oh Lanoo, everything there is to know is already stored in

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