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Repetition is the best teacher.

The greatest enemy of mankind is the abuse of SEX. When man began having Sex not for the sole purpose of reproduction, but because in order to experience the BLISS during the sexual act (opening of the top-chakra, experiencing the MONADIC VIBRATION), the real fall of man began. The result today: A mankind craving for lust and other earthly passions, disconnecting itself more and more from the divine source. OM. It is also due to wrong interpretation of ego-driven persons like Besant and Leadbeater, that the solution to the problem is mostly not known. Behold and learn: The Monads started differently on our planetary chain, due to prior incarnations in previous Manvantaras. Even some of those, who had achieved NIRVANA, were thrown out again, though on high cosmic planes, in order to lead future humanities. They though are not under the extreme law of samsara, but can reenter NIRVANA at wish. Some may want to help a suffering humanity. That is a mystery. NIRVANA is the highest, no matter what, higher than all heavens of religion. The ones who have achieved NIRVANA are the fittest of the Monads. OM. The choice is yours. If you renounce NIRVANA on free will, you can incarnate when and wherever you choose. But beware of those “gurus” who claim, that they renounced NIRVANA, in order to serve humanity, but in truth they are just selfish egos. BEWARE OF THE “GURUS”! Rather follow THE BOOK OF LIGHT! BUDDHA was compassionate. He entered NIRVANA, but he left his BODHISATTVA part, in order to enlighten mankind.
In order to understand the eternal you must understand the transient, in order to understand the immortal you must understand the mortal.
Read and learn: 18 million years ago, during middle of the 3rd root - race in Lemuria, the incarnation of MIND or MANAS happened or incarnated in the races in different intensity. Prior to that, mankind were astral – protoplasmic shadows, resulting from spiritual (monadic) and material evolution. OM.
They reproduced in the following way: 1st race - Selfborn, 2nd race – Sweatborn, 3rd race – Eggborn (sexless – androgynous and then 18 Million B.C. separated in sexes). OM.
By embryological recapitulation the human embryo of today runs during nine months in utero through all these millions of years of evolution. Although science of today TEACHES embryological recapitulation, they don’t dare to define it correctly in that way.
The following illustration shows you the HUMAN EMBRYO in utero, undergoing even BILLIONS of years of evolution through all forms, from mineral, plant, animal, and human until today.
[Image: evolition6.jpg]
BOL teaches: Out of the bodies of the 3rd race emanated ovulary forms, developing into large, soft, egg-like vehicles. They hardened gradually, gestated, and then broke off as young human animal. So you see ANIMALS DERIVE FROM HUMANS!
BUT: Even now as humans we belong as PHYSICAL BODYS to the animal kingdom, mentally and spiritualy though to the HUMAN kingdom, as incredible as it may sound, when we look at some “humans” in this insane world.
Then the races separated. That process happened first in the egg state, leading to predomination of one sex over the other. HUGE ANIMALS tampered often with those eggs, which resulted in monster development. These forms were destroyed by the Karma Devas. Thus animals were all the product of MANS vital energy early in this planetary round. OM. These animals separated about 25 Million years ago and bred sexually. That method was later copied and MISUNSED by man. See beginning of this chapter. But there also happened SEXLESS creation in the early sub – races of the 3rd race by creative instinct. Higher Dhyan Chohans incarnated in these beings during separation of sexes. We know them as THE SONS OF WILL AND YOGA!
They represented the PERFECT incarnation of HIGHEST Manas (mind), not to be compared with what WE today understand by human mind. How was this possible? Because they had reached during PREVIOUS incarnations a degree of intellect, enabling them to be divine independent entities in transient world.
But there was also a SECOND class of Egos. They did not incarnate fully at once, but they waited, projected only a divine spark, which resulted in the average humanity of today. So we shall acquire full intellectuality during this manvantara. OM. Follow THE BOOK OF LIGHT and you shall attain soon immortality on earth, by fully achieving all forms you desire. And when they vanish you still ARE THERE choosing a new one. OM. In order to do so, you must conquer the abuse of sexual power and you must free yourself from the shackles of personality. OM. We still live in a very vicious and selfish mankind, ruled by Anatta, the drag and poison of the Monad. Back to evolution millions of years ago: Those males of the separated human beings who had received no spark, had sex with huge she - animals, which led to a race of crooked, red haired monsters, going on all fours. It was a dumb race. But it was a rather unconscious, irresponsible first misuse of sex, because those who were supposed to give them mind DID NOT. The reasons are various, all explained in this book. Now ALL Manasaputras endowed all men with Manas or mind, in order to avoid worse development of the races. OM.
That added a third evolutionary stream to spiritual and material evolution, namely the evolution of INTELLECT or MIND. BOL teaches a rebellion of a third class of egos, refusing to incarnate during the fourth Atlantean root - race. Those rebels were of the later 3rd root race, unable to master their lower nature. That race caused for themselves the worst sexual karma, because the sin of the mindless was RENEWED or repeated by ATLANTEANS, but this time WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE AND RESPONSIBILITY, because they already possessed manas or mind. OM. Still semi – divine beings had sex with those animal like females beings in whom lower more material beings hat incarnated. That union led to origins of the anthropoid ape of today. That evil Karma from when we were Atlanteans, hunts us until today. THAT is one of the true meaning of “the fall of the angels”. OM. When MAN fell, he was not responsible, but DIVINE BEINGS who united with human females, they were responsible. OM.
Oh Lanoo, we all will carry that seed of iniquity for eons to come, AND THAT is the reason, why until today mankind struggles with the sex impulse in body and mind, leading to the perversions of today. Some feel that impulse more, some less. OM.
Becoming more and more enslaved to the abuse of sex during Atlantean times, the Atlanteans worshipped the human body and also the sex principle itself, BEYOND its purpose of creating new life. That led to the invention of the birth control pill of today. That pill is to a great part responsible of most diseases of today. The worship of the body during Atlantean times led to the degraded forms of religion of today, as well as to the most revolting and obscene symbols and practices of Hindu Tantra Sex and to the Red Cap or Dugpa Lamaism of today, led by that monster Dalai Lama. KARMA will teach him.

The terrible and conscious abuse of sex by the Atlanteans led on to the worship of the human body and finally of the sex principle in itself, which survives to - day in all the degraded forms of religion in the shape of the most revolting and obscene symbols and practices in the Tantrika of the Hindus, the Red Cap or Dugpa Lamaists of Asia, etc. led today by a monster, called DALAI LAMA.

Back to the early race of the 3rd. They possessed spiritual vision through a “third eye” at the back of the head. That eye atrophied, caused by fall into sexual generation or rather its abuse. Today the 3rd eye exists as what we call Pineal gland. When the Fourth race ended, that 3rd eye did not function any longer. THE BOOK OF LIGHT enables you to restructure that 3rd eye, by practicing ABSOLUTE SEXUAL PURITY, unless you want to create new life. OM. If you want to reactivate your 3rd eye also for future lives, you must overcome that which made you fall during Atlantean times. Then we shall again attain the purity of the early 3rd, represented today by the Masters of compassion. Why don’t we remember past lives? Because we lost the Third eye, and also because the Karma Devas throw before each new birth a veil of forgetfulness over most newborns. NOBODY who is not morally pure, can read akasha records. OM.
You may ask WHY DIVISION OF GENDERS? That dear student, is just part of the evolutionary scheme, and is not a “Fall” in itself. Only THE ABUSE of such sexual energy in order to attain gratification, led to the karmic evils of today. The races today mostly have sex for pleasure. That shall turn against them. When you look at the sexes, also in animal kingdom, they were originally neutralized, except during certain seasons. But later even the animals degenerated due to domestication by man. OH LANOO, the conscious abuse of the sexual act, combined with sex – worship and sorcery by the 4th race is our heaviest Karmic burden of today. People who force cows by constant insemination to constantly produce milk, as well as those who drink such enforced milk, shall suffer from bad karma.
Abuse of sexual energy Kundalini is the true meaning of the legend "Prometheus Bound" of Aeschylusis: Lower passions chain our higher aspirations to the material world (rock of matter), causing sorrow, pain and repentance. THAT is in the legend the vulture gnawing the vitals of the divine Titan. If you have sex for pleasure you actually waste the divine essence in order to have bestial personal gratification. All women who today present their bodies, in order to arise sexual lust in men, are already possessed by demons. Oh Lanoo, try to overcome your sexual desires by living a modest life and unite only for the purpose of creating new Life, or unite only with someone to whom you really have a SPIRITUAL relation, so that in next life you can climb the path to NIRVANA, unhindered by animal nature.
Thus the Fourth race gradually changed, physiologically, morally, mentally and physically, leading to mostly degenerate, helpless, scrofulous mankind of today, hunted by wealth, hereditary diseases, having become the most intelligent BEAST of all animals. NO OM so such development!!! SYPHILIS is the basic soil of all diseases, especially cancer and tuberculosis. The direct result of karmic causes set up by abuse of sex in Atlantean times is SYPHILIS. The question arises: HOW can we overcome such monstrous development? The answer: By following THE BOOK OF LIGHT we don’t allow any compromise, involving any form of indulgence. Thus we can work off evil Karma and regain the lost purity of the early 3rd race. OM. If we use sex function other than its legitimate use of physical reproduction of the species, we shall be soiled again and again by fresh bad karma
Any use of the sex function on any plane of our being, other than its legitimate one of physical reproduction of the species, inevitably leads to fresh bad Karma. But stern selfcontrol by study and meditation shall lead us back to the lost paradise of divine state. Mankind of today is in abnormal condition as far as sexual condition concerns. Those who promote pornography etc. are ignorant of the ancient cause of such development and its karmic outcome. Methods of birth control are SHEER BLACK MAGIC. It is a SHAME that even theosophical leaders advocate the use of birth control. The pope is right to speak against birth control, but then he should also forbid the pedophile abuse and satanic rituals of the Vatican. OH LANOO, we have fortunately enough passed now the lowest point of evolutionary spiral. Now, in the 5th race, we are ascending away from gross materiality of the 4th race to the pure state of the early 3rd race, but GROWN by failures and mistakes which we shall overcome, UNLESS we want more suffering of mankind…

And here the PDF to download

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